Sports Medicine is the field of medical care for athletic individuals that can encompass an array of specialties including cardiology, orthopedic surgery, biomechanics and traumatology. Its function is not only curative and rehabilitative, but also preventative.

Sports medicine doctors can include orthopedic surgeons, primary care physicians and others medical experts with special training. A sports medicine doctor trained through specialized fellowships in sports medicine has spent extra time in a formal training program studying the care of athletes. Dr. Gerbino is a fellowship-trained, sports medicine orthopedic surgeon.  Dr. Gerbino has been a team physician at the Division 1 collegiate level since 1995.  He teaches other doctors how to be a team physician at National and International team physician courses, sponsored by the American College of Sports Medicine.

Sports injuries are not only torn cartilages and ligaments, but also overuse of the knee and shoulder-related pain, job-related elbow and wrist pain, as well as injuries children may experience on the playground.

Monterey Joint Replacement and Sports Medicine treats all their patients as if they were professional athletes. The goal is to not only make the right diagnosis, but also provide to state-of-the-art care both operative and non-operative.


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